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Equal oil to coil distribution
The iKrusher JC105 510 thread cartridge offers iKrusher’s proprietary design, engineering to maximize consumption down to the last drop. Unlike other 510 thread cartridges, the JC105 features four intake holes, paired with our iKonic ceramic coil technology. The JC105 is engineered to evenly distribute your extracts and oils which allows your customers to clear the tank without leaving a drop behind.
*510 Battery sold separately. ( S1, S2 )

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iKonic Technology

iKrushers proprietary iKonic technology ensures that oils receive even surface to coil coverage, maximizing flavor and vapor production, matched with the safest lab-tested hardware available. iKrushers iKonic technology is the industry standard.

  • iKonic Ceramic technology
  • Medical grade Borosilicate glass Tank
  • Stainless Steel center rod post
  • Precision Engineered Ceramic Mouthpiece
  • XL intake holes allowing for thicker viscosity and oils
Supply Chain and Manufacturing

iKrusher provides brands the unique opportunity to create both custom OEM and ODM utilizing our proprietary branded vape technology.  Our in-house team operates the largest international GMP CertifiedISO 9001RoHS Compliant facilities in the world. Our international resources, paired with local stateside facilities allows us to have a consistent, hands-on approach to quality control. What this means for you is less device failure, consistent product performance, and lower costs without sacrificing quality, technology, or design. Our team members are involved with you, each step of the way. From Q&A, to design, engineering, and packaging our team is here to support your brand’s needs.

Type 510 Thread Cartridges
Dimension 10.5*51.7mm/ 10.5*62.3mm
Tank Capacity 0.5ml/1.0ml
Mouthpiece Capping Method Screw on
Tank Material Glass
Coil Material iKonic Ceramic Coil
Resistance 1.4Ω
Intake Hole 4*2.0mm
Center Post Lead-Free Copper
Mouthpiece Material Flat Ceramic

Filling your Cartridge
The JC105 is a screw and seal cartridge. To fill use a 12g or 14g blunt nose needle to syringe your concentrate. Place the end of the needle into the bottom of the cartridge. Avoid the middle chimney. Fill your cart slowly assuring no air bubbles occur in the tank.

Capping your Cartridge
The JC105 will come with its own designated mouthpiece *DO NOT USE A MOUTHPIECE FROM ANOTHER CARTDRIGE*. Place Mouthpiece over the top, assure threads are on and centered. Turn mouthpiece toward the right a few times till it comes to a complete stop. *Overtightening may cause damage to the tank.

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Tank Capacity

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100 PCS

Oil Types

CBD, Distillate


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2 reviews for JC105 510

  1. Ryan Meechen

    Finally found these, the dispensary I go to uses these in their house carts and they’re the smoothing fittings cartridges around. Will definitely be buying some

  2. Jonathan B

    Finally I can buy these online!!!!

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