Product Questions

My device isn’t producing as much vapor, why?

This indicates one of the following items: 1) the cartridge/pod is getting close to running out of oil, please replace a new and filled pod/cartridge immediately to prevent dry burning 2) the battery is almost out of power, simply pause using it to recharge it.

My device is blinking 5 times and intermittently works sometimes, why?

This indicates “Over-time inhalation protection”. The LED light blinks 5 times and the device vibrates twice to shut down after continuous inhalation for over 8 seconds. Try not to inhale for so long or so frequently. This prevents burning of your oil. It will recover and continue working after 10 minute pause, and restarting.

My device is blinking 3 times and won’t work, why?

This indicates a “Short Circuit” within the device (One cause could be moisture inside). The LED light blinks 3 times in red and the device vibrates 3 times to shut down, at the time when the pod was detected with short-circuit. The device is malfunctioning.

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